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Telepathy band

Golden Antenna Records (2017)

Telepathy’s 2017 release, ‘Tempest’, is the long-awaited sophomore full-length from the UK instru-metalers.

“Thought post-metal had nothing left to say? Well, Telepathy just read your mind.  Now let them prove you wrong” - KKKK Kerrang

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Orgone Studios by lauded producer/engineer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Opeth, Paradise Lost), Tempest, a concept album, depicts the harrowing journey of a person beset with grief and faced with total isolation after awaking from an apocalyptic flood. Tempest guides the listener on a journey through the protagonist’s awakening, desolation and subsequent acceptance.

“(Tempest is) a 50-minute tour de force that leaves the head-spinning”- Terrorizer

Fusing elements of post-metal, sludge, doom and black metal with unconventional and complex song structures, Telepathy have meticulously crafted an immersive, unique and invigorating tapestry of instrumental metal that has left listeners spellbound. Tempest also sees the inclusion of vocals on the album’s centrepiece, ‘Echo of Souls’- the first to appear on any Telepathy release since their formation- and showcases a band truly unafraid to voyage into uncharted waters.

“…the drama is felt from the crush of oceanic riffs that wash menacingly around the listener and the sense of desolation that grips you during the disquiet.” - Metal Hammer

Whereas its predecessor, ‘12 Areas’, was a calculated, chaotic and incensed exploration of sound, Tempest marks a lucid shift towards a more balanced and emotive sonic palette. Tempest denotes a far darker and more refined approach to Telepathy’s songwriting than before, manifesting an added emphasis on sonic weight, unbridled heaviness, melody and emotional depth.  

“(Tempest is) such a dynamic, expressive and engaging piece of music that it stretches far beyond the ‘instrumental metal‘ tag“- The Quietus

March 2017 subsequently saw the release of Tempest on double gatefold vinyl, CD and digital formats via independent German label, Golden Antenna Records (Rosetta, Kerretta, Phantom Winter). Propelled by gleaming reviews from rock and metal media outlets including Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, Terrorizer, The Quietus, Visions Magazine and Legacy Magazine; Telepathy toured the UK and Europe extensively throughout the first half  2017 in support of Tempest including a landmark performance at the legendary Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, NL -where their devastating live show was heralded as one of the top 10 performances of the weekend by Roadburn Festival’s media partner- Never Mind the Hype.

Telepathy continued to promote the release of Tempest  throughout the latter half of 2017 with the release of 3 music videos. Videos for their songs ‘Hiraeth’, ‘Smoke from Distant Fires’ and ‘Echo of Souls’ enjoyed online premiers via various rock media stalwarts including  Metal Hammer Magazine, Terrorizer Magazine, Visions Magazine and Legacy Magazine. In August 2017 Telepathy made their first trip to Romania to play Haywire Festival in the depths of the Romanian forest before commencing another widespread tour of Europe which also included highly praised performances at Berlin Swamp Fest and the 5th edition of Into the Void Festival in Leeuwarden, NL.

After bringing 2017’s touring cycle to a triumphant close, Telepathy steamroll in to 2018 with unprecedented force and will continue their accent to the forefront of the metal scene.

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