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Devouter Records (2014)

“12 Areas is a unique beast in the instrumental landscape of 2014: it serves as a whole, a complete journey that takes the listener through various shades of blue. It tackles the challenges of instrumental music, to be interesting and unique but not scattered, with an original approach" Heavy Blog is Heavy 

"Cystine Knot and To Kiss the Ocean’s Floor meanwhile possess a sound so huge it seems to engulf anyone and anything in its wake. This is music to get lost in, its greatest form and the juxtaposition of beautiful mellow and hideously brutal passages are executed with a remarkable intelligence" 
The Sludgelord


Albert Turek - Drums

Piotr Turek - Guitar

Richard Powley - Guitar

Krystian Turek - Bass

Engineered, mixed and produced by Tom Donovan  & Telepathy
Mastered by James Plotkin 
Artwork by Alex CF 

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