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80+ shows / 1 year / 10 countries

This past week of shows have brought a close to the touring cycle for Tempest. It has been an exhilirating journey to bring this album to so many people across the continent and we thank you deeply for allowing us to do this, and in turn feeding our desire to be more creative and push further than we thought possible with this band. We love this, we live for it and there's a lot more coming soon.

A big thanks to our team and those who gave up their time to help us on the road: Florian Hauser @ Doomstar Bookings, Timo @ Golden Antenna, Kevin Galland, Kryzstof Turek, Yvonne Schirmer, Leah Breach & Paula Malinowska

We just updated our merch store with new shirts, pins & more goodies

We have a couple of festivals left in 2018, and a few club dates still to announce too.

18.08 Arctangent Festival (UK) 31.10 Dudefest, Karlsruhe (DE)

Onwards, Telepathy

Photo: Paula Malinowska, Magdeburg 2018

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