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At the time of writing, self-styled 'instru-metal' titans Telepathy are on a warpath.  Having returned home from a torrent of successful shows in support of their second album ‘Tempest’, patrons of the ever growing metal scene across Europe and the UK (the island that the band calls home) bore witness to the vicious aural storm for which Telepathy are rapidly becoming renowned.


Consisting of two Polish brothers - guitarist Piotr Turek and drummer Albert Turek - and two Englishmen - guitarist Richard Powley and bassist Teddy-James Driscoll (who replaced original bassist Krystian Turek)  - Telepathy's sound, seldom disassociated with the words 'post-metal', is often likened to genre megastars Cult of Luna, Russian Circles and Neurosis. Yet, in a manner befitting the transcendental nature of the practice itself, Telepathy's music surpasses the archetypal sensory confinements that ensnare bands of a similar ilk. Indeed, since their formation under the 3 swords of Essex in 2011, Telepathy has truly set about forging their own sonic path, on their own terms, without compromise.

Now with 2 full length albums under their belt; 2017’s acclaimed ‘Tempest’ and their 2014 debut album ‘12 Areas’, Telepathy has been embraced with open arms by even the most unyielding fans of post metal, black metal, hardcore, doom and sludge alike; a testament to their inspired, nuanced and emotionally punishing take on metal. With such an array of styles and emotions forming a unique and cohesive whole, Telepathy displays an uncanny ability to unite fans of all types of heavy music and draw them into their mysterious and alluring world.


The spring of 2017 marked the release of Telepathy’s second sonic offering, ‘Tempest’. The 52 minute concept album; recorded at Orgone Studios with producer/engineer Jaime Gomez Arellano, enjoyed notably positive reviews across print media outlets, blogs and webzines from all corners of the globe and demonstrated a departure from their frenzied debut, ’12 Areas’. 

In support of Tempest, the band took to the road to stun audiences across the continent during 3 extensive tours of the UK and Europe. From performances in the clubs of the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Romania, to appearances at the legendary Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands, Berlin Swamp Fest and Into the Void Festival, the band’s furious live show has made Telepathy one of the most talked about bands in the heavy metal underground and has gained them a substantial and devoted fan base along the way, owing greatly to their unwavering commitment to touring and recording.

With a triumphant 2017 now behind them, the band are preparing to rocket through 2018 with more momentum than ever before. With their first outing to the Canary Islands in February, 2 more full European tours in the works and confirmed appearances at  London’s Desertfest and premier post-metal mecca, Dunk! Festival, Telepathy has undoubtedly established themselves as one of metal's most intriguing prospects in recent years and are showing no signs of stopping.

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